Water Resources

Recent patterns of flooding throughout the country demand the need for a strong understanding of hydrology and hydraulics for all infrastructure projects. MJ's professionals provide just this, with specialized hydrology and hydraulics expertise and cutting-edge, predictive modeling tools to simulate the flow of water and its interaction with infrastructure. Our team of engineers and scientists are trained in complex methods for understanding and simulating surface water systems. Our professionals offer you:

  • Modeling, including prediction of high-volume flow events in two dimensions, where storage and complex flow occur; and one dimension, under dynamic and steady state conditions
  • Simulation of coastal processes, including simulation of interaction of daily tides, storm surge, upland flow, and marsh areas where daily tides may range up to 14 feet of change every six hours
  • Evaluation of upland watershed and tidal hydrology under dynamic conditions of climate change and increasing storm intensity
  • Understanding of sediment transport and mobilization
  • Design for infrastructure resiliency in harmony with natural systems
  • Creation of fish and wildlife passage
  • Simulation of dam break impacts
  • Evaluation through field and analytical methods of scour, both ongoing and for future design, including river bends, tidal locations, rock scour, and complex piers

MJ's professionals play key roles in hydrologic, hydraulic and scour evaluations for projects of varying size and complexity, including international bridges, interstate bridges over major rivers, and many tidal bridges. Our team also studies and evaluates the impact of intense flooding and sediment mobilization on geomorphic systems, where major disruption of the natural system is ongoing.

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