From our modest beginnings in the Binghamton, NY home of William McFarland, to our current reach across the United States, we are truly humbled and honored that as McFarland Johnson has grown, our clients have grown with us. The firm has sustained and consistently grown because of our dedication to the guiding principle of our founder, “Achieving success by contributing to the success of others.”

Successful projects, diverse staff and a rich history of over 75 years can only be accomplished by the relationships you build. Meaningful and engaging client relationships remains the key pillar of who we are and that will never change. Our employee owners are at the heart of our success and they serve our broad client base with honor and integrity. Seeing what our clients have been able to achieve inspires us to continually improve with each passing year.


So, what does this mean for our future?

It means that we will stay committed to building lasting relationships, serving our clients best interests, and continuing to learn. Proactively working to find innovative, future-focused solutions to our clients’ complex challenges will guide our strategy. MJ will continue to give back to the communities we serve, whether it is donating time or money, and we will continue to lend a hand to others because relationships matter. Success is not an ending, it’s part of the journey and it means that we will not stop. We are just as committed now as ever before to developing strong and lasting relationships, earning and maintaining trust, going the extra mile, exceeding expectations, generating innovative ideas, and working together to enable our clients, our people, and our communities to achieve their very best. We look forward to our next 75 years.