NYSDOT Economic Impact of New York State Airports and Aviation

Statewide, NY

Public Airports

Promoting the Economic Benefits of Aviation to New York State

MJ completed a statewide aviation economic impact to quantify the economic benefits of airports to the New York State economy. Efficient collection of detailed information regarding on-airport jobs, capital investments, and other pertinent data from a diverse range of was a key challenge. Online surveys were developed and distributed to collect the needed information. Survey results were compiled and evaluated using the IMPLAN model to calculate economic output for each airport. The results were compiled into a statewide report.

The study was originally intended to be based on 2019 activity. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, during the early stages of the study required a change in approach. The study was modified to consider 2019 results as well as the impact of the pandemic on the aviation industry in New York in 2020.

Development of narratives that brought the study results to life for non-expert audiences was an important goal. Narratives describing the real-life impacts of aviation were crucial. Specific case studies were utilized to highlight key findings. For example, the economic output of an airport was compared to typical big box retail store to highlight the relative performance.