Nantucket Memorial Airport PFAS Investigation and Mitigation

Nantucket, MA

Water Samples Collected
11,800 LF
Town Water
Main Extension
POET Systems

Managing Efforts to Mitigate PFAS Impacts

MJ is managing all aspects of this project, both on and off the airport property. This on-going project involves the investigation and mitigation measures necessary to rectify the historic release of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) containing per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) into the soil, drinking water, and groundwater. The releases occurred as part of the FAA-required fire suppression testing and training, as well as emergency responses.

MJ’s professionals worked closely with Nantucket Memorial Airport and a specialized subconsultant (License Site Professional) to quickly develop a plan of action based upon the locations and volume of the AFFF release locations, direction of groundwater flow and location of potential receptors. A summary of services follows:

  • To assist and manage the work conducted by the Licensed Site Professional (LSP) and specialized subconsultants and contractors as defined by the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP),
  • To manage and lead the public outreach and transparency with community at-large that includes a project-specific website ( and to host public meetings and individual meetings with impacted homeowners (77 private water wells sampled; 65 homes provided bottled water);
  • To develop a plan of action based upon historic use of PFAS-containing AFFF and the locations of its release,
  • To determine the proximity of potential receptors based upon groundwater flow direction, release locations, and hydrogeology,
  • To review the design of Point-of-Entry Treatment (POET) systems for individual residences,
  • To act as liaison with airport management, agencies, local officials, public and media,
  • To identify funding sources to off-set the cost of investigation and remediation measures,
  • To prepare and secure regulatory permitting from jurisdictional agencies,
  • To design, permit, and provide construction administration for a two-mile town water main extension to service impacted residences
  • 19 buildings connected to new water main, and,
  • To effectively work with legal counsel to ensure compliance at all levels of regulatory jurisdiction, access agreements, and public outreach.
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