Broward County Aviation Department Planning Review & Advisory Services

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Completed Projects
in Planned Capital Development

Innovative Solution that Benefits the Traveling Public & Communities


The Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) owns and operates the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and North Perry Airport (HWO). FLL was the 19th busiest U.S. airport for total passenger traffic in 2017 and continues to have unprecedented growth in all aspects of aviation activity, while HWO is a busy general aviation (GA) reliever to FLL. BCAD is challenged to meet the ever-growing operational and facility demands of these airports with innovative planning, development and management solutions that benefit the traveling public and local communities. This challenge can only be met by an extensive team of innovative County Airport staff and consultants to advance the goals and mission for the County's Airports.


In response to the vast and diverse needs of BCAD and its growing airports, MJ has provided ongoing professional consulting services, through a sub contract with Cartaya and Associates Architects, for implementation planning of Master Plan projects, as well as onsite-planning and advisory services to support BCAD's day to day planning and engineering efforts. Numerous task assignments have been completed to date (7/12/18) at FLL and include the following:

  • Departure Curb Alternatives Review & Recommendations:
    This task involved planning solutions for the reconfiguration of loading/unloading and thru lanes to reduce levels of vehicular congestion and provide additional loading/unloading capacity at the departure curb.
  • Arrivals Curb Emergency Vehicle Parking Alternatives Review & Recommendations:
    This task involved reconfiguration of curbfront emergency vehicle parking locations to reduce significant levels of congestion that occasionally reach periods of complete stop.
  • Cell Phone Waiting Lot Alternatives Review & Recommendations:
    This task provided multiple alternative layouts, locations and ground access options for development of a new cell phone waiting lot with a goal to further reduce terminal roadway congestion in conjunction with other roadway and terminal curb improvements.
  • Tenant Development Plan Alternatives Review & Recommendations:
    This task provided alternative layouts and associated airspace evaluations for a proposed tenant hangar and heliport development.
  • Air Cargo Center Alternatives Development:
    This task provided alternative layouts for a new large air cargo facility, including apron, sort facility and auto/truck parking for five unique sites. Airspace evaluations were also completed for all five potential sites and the preferred alternatives for each.
  • Bicycle Path Program Development & Recommendations:
    This task provided various alignment alternatives and impact evaluations for integration of a new on-airport community bike path.
  • On-site Planning Advisory Services:
    This is an on-going task to provide on-demand extension of staff services to meet the day-to-day planning needs across all spectrums of FLL and HWO activity. A full service team is available on an on-call basis to provide capabilities across all professional skills.