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MJ Honored with Two Aviation Project of the Year Awards

At the recent New York Aviation Management Associationís (NYAMA) fall conference McFarland Johnson was awarded two Phil Brito Project of the Year Awards. These awards are given in recognition of outstanding achievement in the execution of aviation design and construction projects in New York State, based on criteria such as: originality/innovative application of new or existing technologies; future value to the aviation planning or engineering profession; and social/economic and sustainable design. Click here to view NYAMA's press release.

First Place Design

Elmira Corning Regional Airport - Runway 24 Extension

MJ Receives First PlaceMcFarland Johnsonís winning design/construction entry was for the innovative use of an Engineered Materials Arresting System (EMAS) to facilitate a needed runway extension at the Elmira Corning Regional Airport. Through a comprehensive public participation program, carefully crafted to solicit meaningful public input, and a little design ingenuity, the initial opposition to this runway extension turned into full-fledged support. The use of the EMAS system enabled MJ to deliver this project without impacting Sing Sing Creek or Chambers Road.

Second Place Design

Greater Binghamton Airport - Runway 34 Safety Area Improvements

MJ also Receives Second PlaceMJ also received second place in the design/construction category, for the design of safety area improvements to Runway 16-34 at the Greater Binghamton Airport. McFarland Johnson provided innovative design solutions for various challenges throughout the course of the project that provided ancillary benefits to both the Airport and the surrounding community. An EMAS system was once again employed to reduce the length of the required extension and minimize environmental impacts. Not only has this project increased safety margins and improved airport operational characteristics through the addition of runway takeoff distances, it also provided off-airport wetlands with educational opportunities and created developable land that the airport is currently marketing as an industrial park site.

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