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MJ Receives ACEC-NH Engineering Excellence Award

Keene NH Flow to Wire ACEC AwardMcFarland Johnson (MJ) was selected and honored with a plaque at the March 18th, 2013 ACEC Annual Awards Ceremony. MJ received Engineering Excellence Awards in both the Energy & Overall Award Categories. This award-winning project included construction of a micro-turbine system, often referred to as a Flow-to-Wire system, within the City of Keene’s (NH) existing water treatment plant facility.

MJ, along with Rentricity, Inc., provided planning, design, and construction phase support services for this renewable energy project. Specific tasks included completion of an initial study, engineering design tasks, assistance in obtaining ARRA grant monies through the NH Department of Environmental Services, obtaining approvals from PSNH and FERC, and assisting the City during the bidding and construction phases of the project. The consultant Team included mechanical, electrical, telecommunication, and structural engineers, as well as energy recovery experts. The overall Project Team included consultant team experts and members of the City’s Public Works Department.

A three-dimensional (3D) Building Information Model (BIM) design platform was used to develop conceptual layout options to demonstrate to the City how the proposed system’s piping and pump configuration would integrate with their existing water treatment system’s piping and electrical system. This 3D BIM approach was further used to prepare final design drawings for bidding and construction purposes.

The City serves approximately 20,000 customers, with Babbidge Reservoir as the source of the City’s water supply. Untreated water reaches the water treatment facility in a water main with excess pressure available for operation of the micro-turbine system. The micro-turbine system then converts available pressure at the treatment plant (approximately 90 pounds per square inch [psi]) to energy that then operates the treatment facility and delivers excess power generation to the electrical grid under specific operating conditions. This project is a strong example of the City’s dedication to environmental stewardship and McFarland Johnson’s commitment to innovation and collaboration.

Since construction completion and system start-up, the City has found that the system has met the design intent, i.e., conversion of energy from a renewable source to meet the energy demand of their treatment facility, while continuing the ability to meet the City’s water demand.

ACEC-NH is a member of the National American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), the largest national organization of engineers engaged in the practice of consulting engineering. ACEC National represents 51 states; numbering more than 5,000 firms; employing 300,000 design professionals; responsible for more than $100 billion of private and public works engineering annually. MJ, Rentricity, and the City of Keene were pleased to be honored with such a high award.

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