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Employee Ownership

MJ is a 100% employee owned ESOP, which truly offers a unique opportunity. Less than 2% of all US corporations are 100% ESOP owned. The benefit of MJ being a 100% employee owned ESOP is that our employee owners extra efforts contribute to the results that we all share in. However, what we are constantly striving to accomplish at MJ is that the ESOP is much more than a benefit, it is our culture!

Our Employee Ownership culture means each employee owner:

  • COMMITS - to support our Core Values, understand and contribute to attaining our Vision, and is fully engaged;
  • PERFORMS - by serving our Clients and fellow Employee / Owners at our highest quality and service level;
  • IMPROVES - by always seeking and acting on ways to improve ourselves and strengthening the company;
  • RECOGNIZES & SHARES - by acknowledging the extra efforts of others and by all Employee / Owners sharing in our success.

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