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Greater Binghamton Airport Master Plan & GIS Infrastructure / Drainage Plan

Greater Binghamton Airport, Maine, NY | Broome County
Greater Binghamton Airport Master Plan Greater Binghamton Airport Master Plan
Greater Binghamton Airport Master Plan
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The Broome County Department of Aviation has been a long standing client of McFarland Johnson's, and with our national reputation in the field of airport planning, it was a natural fit for them to select MJ to complete their latest Master Plan Update (MPU) at the Greater Binghamton Airport (BGM). As with many of our planning projects, the standard update is not the norm, and the process becomes very dynamic. The typical process of inventories, forecasting, and the development of alternatives to meet the future demands of the airport were all completed by the MJ Team to the satisfaction of the Sponsor, but as is typical with the MJ Planning Group, they continue to take the process to areas beyond the typical scope of work. A few of the products developed as a direct result of the MPU are identified below:

  • Community involvement was essential in the planning process and included community leaders in the fields of business, politics, economic development, as well as the direct airport users. Through this community involvement, a shortage of developable land for light industrial applications in Broome County was identified. Land that the airport currently owned was identified to meet these shortages. In conjunction with Broome County, and the local economic development agencies, development areas have been identified, a GIS/web-based product to provide potential developers with access to key attributes for each of the parcels has been put into place, and MJ is currently working with the County to market the properties to prospective businesses.
  • Utilities are key to project development, whether they be landside, airside, or off airport. As a follow-on project to the MPU, MJ developed a GIS-based product that inventories all utilities both on the airport property and in the vicinity of the airport, in order to evaluate the need for new utility services, required upgrades to existing facilities, or impacts that each future proposed project would have on the existing facilities. Utility upgrades can now be programmed in a logical and sensible sequence along with each proposed project, saving time and money in each phase of the development of BGM.
  • The financial strength of any airport is of chief concern to the Sponsor. MJ has a wealth of experience in analyzing the financial position of the airport, creating strategies to improve returns, analyze lease agreements, improve services and generally improve the bottom line. BGM has tapped MJ for all of these services, and is evaluating all of their financial strategies in order to modify or develop new strategies to improve the overall financial outlook at the airport.
  • Airside development is the cornerstone of any Airport Master Plan. Projects identified in the MPU provide for increased efficiency, safety and capacity at BGM. These projects are prioritized to achieve not only the County's short term goals for the airport, but to address long range needs based on both local and national trends within the aviation industry.

The Master Plan Update at BGM was completed in 2008, however the process to maximize this effort, and take the airport development strategies to the next level continues to this date, with marketing of airport land development parcels, airside development projects, landside development projects, as well the implementation of financial planning strategies to improve the airport's bottom line.

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